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ISBN/EAN: 9783832181321
Sprache: Deutsch
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"[An] enjoyable series of interest to western crime readers, especially those favoring Montana authors C. J. Box, Craig Johnson, and Keith McCafferty as well as fans of the Hillermans (Booklist).   The news is bad: five young women, so farraped, tortured, and left in the Montana wilderness to be devoured by coyotes. It's not long before Gabriel Du Pré, Métis Indian cattle inspector and occasional deputy, gets the call from Sheriff Benny Klein, summoning him to yet another grisly crime scenethis time in his own backyard. Not far from the victim, he finds two more murdered women, their bodies arranged over each other in a cross. A message from the killer? But what does it mean?   Du Pré is a father and grandfather with two daughters of his own. Working alongside a Blackfoot FBI agent and his feisty female partner, Du Pré gives his all to the manhunt. But as more victims are found, and a young woman he cares about disappears, he comes to the grim realization that he must learn to think like this monster in order to catch him, to give in to the part of himself that knows how to kill.   "Like the most memorable creations in detective fiction, [Du Pré's] moral center is unshakeable (Booklist).


Peter Bowen (b. 1945) is an author best known for mystery novels set in the modern American West. When he was ten, Bowen’s family moved to Bozeman, Montana, where a paper route introduced him to the grizzled old cowboys who frequented a bar called The Oaks. Listening to their stories, some of which stretched back to the 1870s, Bowen found inspiration for his later fiction.
Following time at the University of Michigan and the University of Montana, Bowen published his first novel,Yellowstone Kelly, in 1987. After two more novels featuring the real-life Western hero, Bowen publishedCoyote Wind(1994), which introduced Gabriel Du Pré, a mixed-race lawman living in fictional Toussaint, Montana. Bowen has written fourteen novels in the series, in which Du Pré gets tangled up in everything from cold-blooded murder to the hunt for rare fossils. Bowen continues to live and write in Livingston, Montana.