Travelling While Black

Essays Inspired by a Life on the Move

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Thoughtful, original reflections on migration and identity from an African woman abroad. What does it feel like to move through a world designed to limit and exclude you? What are the joys and pains of holidays for people of colour, when guidebooks are never written with them in mind? How are black lives today impacted by the othering legacy of colonial cultures and policies? What can travel tell us about our sense of self, of home, of belonging and identity? Why has the world order become hostile to human mobility, as old as humanity itself, when more people are on the move than ever? Nanjala Nyabola is constantly exploring the world, working with migrants and confronting complex realities challenging common assumptions – both hers and others’. From Nepal to Botswana, Sicily to Haiti, New York to Nairobi, her sharp, humane essays ask tough questions and offer surprising, deeply shocking and sometimes funny answers. It is time we saw the world through her eyes.


H. Nanjala Nyabola is a Nairobi-based political analyst, writer, and humanitarian advocate. Her accomplished academic career has focused on forced migration in Africa, and includes two MSc degrees from the University of Oxford, which she attended as a Rhodes Scholar. She also holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School. Nanjala was awarded the inaugural Foreign Policy Interrupted Fellowship, designed to amplify the work of women around the world in foreign policy analysis. She currently conducts independent research on politics and society in Kenya.

Nanjala has published extensively in academic and non-academic outlets, including opinion pieces and analysis in Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, the BBC Focus on Africa Magazine, IRIN, Pambazuka Press and the New African Magazine. She is a frequent speaker in various conferences around the world touching on contemporary African politics and society.