The Ones With Purpose

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ISBN/EAN: 9780797570843
Sprache: Englisch
Einband: Paperback


"I imagined a dying person’s last breath as something resembling an exclamation mark, distinct and hanging mid-air like an interrupted thought. My older sister Fikile’s last breath before she dies is nothing of the sort. There is no rattling noise at the back of her throat. No relentless twitching. No clinging to life. Fikile dies with no more fuss than a switch of a light bulb.” With her sister, Fikile, dead from breast cancer, her father long gone, her mother emerging from years of slumber, and her younger brother, Mbuso, consumed with rage that refuses to settle, Anele Mabuza has no choice but to collect herself and grow up. Or does she? Because, if truth be told, she has not signed up to be her family's caretaker. Surely her dreams are valid? The Ones with Purpose is a remarkable story of family, disappointment, sacrifice, forgiveness, and love."


Nozizwe Cynthia Jele is a South African novelist. Her debut novel, Happiness is a Four-Letter Word (Kwela Books, 2010), has won numerous awards including the 2011 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize in the Best First Book category (Africa region) and the 2011 M-Net Literary Award in the Film category. The film adaptation was released at the box office countrywide in February 2016. Nozizwe also writes short stories. She supports various initiatives to promote reading amongst young people, including The FunDza Literacy Trust.