Sulwe kam mitternachtsfarben zur Welt. Sie ist dunkler als alle in ihrer Familie. Sie ist dunkler als alle in ihrer Schule - und versucht alles, um anders auszusehen. Doch dann begibt sie sich auf eine magische Reise mit den beiden Schwestern Tag und Nacht und lernt, ihre Schönheit zu schätzen. Basierend auf ihrer persönlichen Geschichte hat die oscarprämierte Autorin Lupita Nyong'o eine neue Heldin für Kinder wie Sulwe geschaffen, die zeigt, wie wertvoll Selbstakzeptanz ist. Dabei kritisiert sie kindgerecht und liebevoll Colorism. ***

Der Literarische Diverse Verlag veröffentlicht zweimal im Jahr das anti-rassistische Zine »Literarische Diverse«. Es steht für die Tradition der Selbstermächtigung ein und nutzt dafür das geschriebene Wort, Illustrationen und Fotos. LGBTIQ+ und BIPoC Stimmen werden hierbei vorrangig veröffentlicht, da ihnen mehr Raum und Sichtbarkeit zusteht. Die Zeitschrift spiegelt Realitäten wider und ist hierbei machtkritisch, ehrlich und bunt.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Abdulrazak Gurnah zum Literaturnobelpreis 2021!  Zehn Romane, zahlreiche Kurzgeschichten und wissenschaftliche Artikel publizierte der Schriftsteller und Literaturwissenschaftler in seiner über 30-jährigen Karriere.

Weihnachtskarten für mehr Diversität in der Weihnachtszeit. Mit Liebe von Kalungakids in Berlin gemacht.

Ebinimi, star mechanic of Kalakala Street, is a man with a hapless knack for getting in and out of trouble. Some of his troubles are self-inflicted: like his recurring entanglements in love triangles; and his unauthorised joyriding of a customer’s car which sets off a chain of dire events involving drugs, crooked politicians, and assassins. Other troubles are caused by the panorama of characters in his life, like: his sister and her dysfunctional domestic situation; the three other mechanics he employs; and the money-loving preacher who has all but taken over his home.

A house brings two unique people together by the unlikeliest of chances. In their union, that of an almost priest and a prodigal daughter, two brothers whose bond transcend the laws of nature are born. André and Max have a seemingly blissful life until the boys start sharing dreams and their lives begin to unravel. Murderous thoughts, manic dreams, and their somewhat unbreakable wandering between reality and reverie, would lead them down unknown paths that threaten to severe their family ties.

When Anthony Mukoro discovers he cannot father a child, his whole world comes crashing. In a desperate bid to sire an heir, he plunges into the reckless life of a pleasure-seeking libertine. But everything changes when he meets and falls head over heels in love with Odufa, a beautiful young girl with a past. Their coming together is fraught with obstacles and challenges that pits them against everything; from tradition to stereotyped beliefs. But nothing is as it seems as they both get entangled in a love affair so intense and toxic, it quickly begins to spiral out of control.

Zango is a surreal town where men, some with erect manhoods, die when leaves fall from a life tree.  Zango is both setting and spectre for ‘Dreams and Assorted Nightmares’, a collection of interconnecting short stories which explore the spaces between life and death and beyond. 

The Sex Lives of African Women uniquely amplifies individual women from across the African continent and its global diaspora, as they speak of their diverse experiences of sex, sexualities and relationships. Many of the women who tell their stories in this collection recall the journeys they have travelled in order to own their own sexualities. They do this by grappling with experiences of child sexual abuse, resisting the religious edicts of their childhood, and by asserting their sexual power.

Taboom Media and GALA Queer Archive are proud to launch our new anthology Hopes and Dreams That Sound Like Yours: Stories of Queer Activism in Sub-Saharan Africa to mark this year’s International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism, and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT).