Sowetan-born writer and journalist known and loved for the piercing way in which he tackles current affairs and the madness of contemporary South Africa. He has written three novels – Dog Eat Dog (2004), After Tears (2007) and Way Back Home (2013) – and a collection of short stories, Affluenza (2016). His new collection of short stories called Soweto, Under The Apricot Tree will be published by Kwela in February 2018. His recent work grapples with issues such as crime, xenophobia, racism, homophobia, the new black elite, and land redistribution.
  • Affluenza
    Kwela, 2016
  • Way Back Home
    Kwela, 2013
  • After Tears
    Kwela, 2007
  • Dog Eat Dog
    Kwela, 2004
  • The Past is Present
    Saturday | 28.04.2018