Foto: Luis Kuhn

Jerry Hoffmann was born in 1989 in Hamburg, Germany. He studied in Munich, Los Angeles and Berlin. He made his debut with the portrayal of Samir in the feature film “Shahada”, which premiered in the Competition of the 60th Berlinale’s, and since then has appeared in various theatrical and film productions, such as “Zeit der Helden”, “Grzimek” and “Hitman: Agent 47.” In 2013, he was selected as a Talent of the Berlinale, nominated in the same year by the Theater Today for the main role Amor in “I call my brothers” as Best Newcomer, he became a member of the Maxim Gorki Theater in 2014. In “Heil” he plays a young author abducted by neo-Nazis and was nominated for Best Actor at the Munich Film Festival 2017. Together with Aylin Tezel, he moderates the First Step Award. In addition to his acting, he is increasingly active as a presenter, director and speaker for audio books and dubbed films. At the moment, he can be seen in two major German feature films “Amelie Runs” and soon in a supporting role in Til Schweiger’s “Labradoodles”. He is currently playing at the Munich Kammerspiele in “Mittelreich”, which will be invited to the Berliner Theatertreffen in 2018. Hoffmann lives in Berlin.

  • Amelie Rennt
  • Heil
  • I call my brothers
  • Grzimek
  • Zeit der Helden
  • Shahada
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