The South Africa author has published four novels and a collection of short stories, that appeared in various international publications. She is currently completing a trio of no­vels about the entanglement of human and non-human lives in city spaces. The first two books in the trilogy, Nineveh and Green Lion, have been published internationally and translated into several languages. The third novel, Stone Plant, is due in 2018. Her apocalyptic story ‘Poison’ was awarded the 2008 Caine Prize for African Writing.

  • Green Lion
    Gallic Books, 2017
  • Nineveh
    Gallic Books, 2016
  • The Rock Alphabet
    Kwela Books, 2007
  • Nice Times!: A Book of South African Pleasures and Delights
    Double Storey, 2006
  • Shark’s Egg: A Novel
    Kwela Books, 2001
  • A Compact Vision
    Friday |27.04.2018