Born in Nigeria, Habila is an Associate Professor  of Creative Writing at George Mason University in Virginia. His novels include, Waiting for an Angel (2002), Measuring Time (2007), and Oil on Water (2010). He is the editor of the Granta Book of African Short Story (2011). Habila’s novels, poems, and short stories have won many honors and awards, including the Commonwealth Prize for Best First Novel (Africa Section), the Caine Prize, the Virginia Library Foundation Award for Fiction, and most recently the Windham-Campbell Prize. Habila is a regular contributor to the UK Guardian, and he has been a contributing editor to the VQR since 2004. His most current book is a nonfiction account of the 2014 kidnapping of schoolgirls in Nigeria titled, The Chibok Girls: The Boko Haram Kidnappings and Islamist Militancy in Nigeria. Habila lives in Virginia with his family.
  • The Chibok Girls
    Penguin, 2017
  • The Granta Book of the African Short Story
    Granta Books, 2012
  • Oil On Water
    Penguin, 2011
  • Measuring Time
    Penguin, 2008
  • Waiting for an Angel
    Penguin, 2003
  • The Language Question
    Saturday |28.04.2018