April 26th to 28th 2018
African Book Festival Berlin
at Babylon

In April 2018, InterKontinental presents for the first time a literary festival with and by African writers in Berlin. Curated by the German-Nigerian author Olumide Popoola the festival looks at transnationalism and migration in a more literary sense of “keeping in motion”.

For three days and with the help of fiction, poetry, lectures and panel discussions African reality of life will be focused on. How do writers from Africa or the diaspora negotiate the changes that come with displacement, forced or chosen? How do writers approach the constant flux of place, and identity? Are they still bound by tradition or being truthful to notions of an “African Identity”?

Writing in Migration brings authors from three continents to Berlin whose books are literary visions and trendsetters all over the world. Together with curator Olumide Popoola they encourage their audience: Read Outside The Box.


London-based Nigerian-German Olumide Popoola is a writer, speaker and performer. Her publications include essays, poetry, the novella this is not about sadness (Unrast, 2010), the play text Also by Mail (edition assemblage, 2013), the short collection breach, which she co-authored with Annie Holmes (Peirene Press, 2016), as well as recordings in collaboration with musicians. Olumide has a PhD in Creative Writing and has lectured in creative writing at various universities. Her novel When We Speak of Nothing was published by Cassava Republic Press in July 2017.




Karla Kutzner & Stefanie Hirsbrunner



Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation  


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