LINDA GABRIEL is one of the most exciting poets in southern Africa and one of the few female members of the House of Hunger Poetry Slam, which ran until 2016 in Harare and Johannesburg. She studied performance poetry and is co-founder of the Sistaz Open Mic platform for up-coming artists. She was also a organizer of many poetry projects for the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg. During her residency in Berlin, she was an ambassador for school without racism. Born in 1985 Linda Gabriel belongs to the “born free” generation, authors who were born in the euphoria of independence, but who experienced political repression and economic crisis during adolescence.



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TOUR April/May 2018

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Written and performed by Linda Gabriel
Directed by Zaza Muchemwa

For more information and booking please contact Stefanie Hirsbrunner.

You Think You Know Me, is a gripping one woman play that revolves around the life of one sex worker called Netsy. Through narratives of her life the audience is allowed into many avenues of other sex workers and men who have been in Netsy’s company. Penned and performed by Linda Gabriel the play interrogates controversial themes of transactional sex, religion and other related issues that include Sexual and Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS, Child Labour, Forced Child Marriages, Rape, Corruption, Livelihood, Unemployment, Migration, Discrimination.

“Linda is tackling controversial issues that the society ignores to talk about. People are quick to make judgments, instead of taking their time to look into the causative issues of one’s behaviour. No one grows up thinking of being a sex worker”, says Zaza Muchemwa.

The play is an adaptation from Linda Gabriel’s poem, ‘Sins of our Mothers’ in which a child chronicles what the mother had to endure for the betterment of the child’s life. This time it is no longer the voice of the child but that of the mother asking the world, ‘You Think You Know Me?`

How much do we know about sex work besides judging it on moral grounds? Women in the Avenues, streets or at organized lodges and some flats, do they engage in it for personal fulfillment or to fend for a whole chain of beneficiaries? “To engage in transactional sex is like going to war. They will be sacrificing for something to happen. The play leaves you asking yourself whether you know sex workers fully or you are obsessed by the stereotypes you grew up with about transactional sex work.



“Sins of Our Mothers” (Working Title) – Poetry Collection

With poems such as ‘Sins of Our Mothers’, ‘They Were Silent’, ‘Would You Vote? and ‘Mai Tino,’ Linda Gabriel addresses the silences that lay buried beneath the fabric of society through tales that give voice to so many who otherwise would be voiceless. From forbidden love, to revenge, AIDS, undying hope, politics and mothers who will do whatever it takes to put food on the table and give their children a brighter day, this, her first collection of poetry tells untold stories, address taboo, and most importantly celebrates womanhood in all its challenges. Linda’s work mirrors the everyday life she dwells in, countries she has travelled to and events that she has experienced.

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“As a woman, I am part of a community and as such I raise my voice. Not many women are given that opportunity.” Linda Gabriel

“Poetry is like the air for breathing for me; in her I find healing and a family. Poetry has made me what I am today. Through poetry, stories are spread through the world, are passed on, and cross human boundaries.” Linda Gabriel



• Cup O Thought, Durban (SA)
• Sanna Africa Festival, Joh. (SA)
• Cheukwa fashion show, Harare (ZWE)
• Bluntfyre Spoken Word Session, Blantyre (MWI)
• Kinshasa Platform of Performing Arts, Kinshasa (DRK)
• Lilongwe International Arts Festival
& Super Woman Fest (MWI)
• My World Images Festival (DK)
• BAS ROOTS, Joh. (SA)
• House of Hunger Poetry Slam Joburg, Joh. (SA)
• Harare International Festival of Arts, Harare (ZWE)
• Freedom for media in Zimbabwe Concert, Graham’s Town (SA)
• British Council’s Power in the Voice, Bulawayo & Lusaka (ZMB, SA)
• House of Hunger Poetry Slam Zimbabwe