JUDE DIBIA was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and studied at the University of Ibadan, and earned a B.A. in Modern European Languages (German). He is the author of three well-received novels: Walking with Shadows (2005), Unbridled (2007), and Blackbird (2011). Readers and critics in and out of Africa have described his novels as daring and controversial. Walking with Shadows is said to be the first Nigerian novel that has a gay man as its central character. In 2007 Dibia won the Ken Saro-Wiwa Prize for Prose and he was nominated for the Nigerian Prize for Literature in 2007. Dibia uses language exquisitely to examine an issue that many writers rather try to avoid: homosexuality among married men in Africa.


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In his current manuscript, Dibia pays tribute to James Baldwin’s ‘Another Country’. In it he tackles the so-called refugee crisis and growing social pressure from the point of view of a homosexual black author, who eventually ends his life by leaping before a train. The ensuing story is revealed through non-linear recollections from the perspective of the survivors.

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„All writing is political.Part of the challenge of being a writer is to actually go out of our own comfort zone, explore and write about things.“ Jude Dibia

„Love is very fluid. It is not ones gender or what you have between your legs that defines who you are. ist grenzüberschreitend.“ Jude Dibia




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  • Natur & Kultur Prize recipient 2016
  • Nigeria Prize for Literature 2011 (Shortlist, “Blackbird”)
  • Nigerian Prize for Literature 2007 (Finalist, “Unbridled”)
  • Ken Saro Wiwa Prize for Prose (“Unbridled”)