Writing in Migration

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APRIL 2018: Berlins first and only InterKontinental Book Festival

“There’s really no such thing as the ‘voiceless’. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.” –Arundhati Roy (Author of “The God of Small Things”, Winner of the Man Booker Prize)


In April 2018, Berlin will host its first festival celebrating literature from Africa and by African writers. Berlin is globally known for its free spirit and a vital cultural scene. Still, unlike London or other capital cities, Berlin cannot present a book festival focussing on literature from Africa even though the book market here is constantly growing. Berlin´s first InterKontinental Book Festival aims to make authors from Africa more visible, move their work into the lime light and work against the portrayal of African writing as an exotic exception.

Curated by Olumide Popoola, author of When we Speak of Nothing, her celebrated queer debut novel, focusses on transcultural and transnational topics and looks at the term migration in a rather literary sense, defining it as “staying in motion”. Three days we will dedicate to fiction, poetry, lectures and panel discussions, all showing non-white perspectives. This book festival is an initiative supporting diversity, both in literature as well as politically speaking. Olumide Popoola challenges her audience: Read outside the box!



London-based Nigerian-German Olumide Popoola is a writer, speaker and performer. Her publications include essays, poetry, the novella this is not about sadness (Unrast, 2010), the play text Also by Mail (edition assemblage, 2013), the short collection breach, which she co-authored with Annie Holmes (Peirene Press, 2016), as well as recordings in collaboration with musicians. Olumide has a PhD in Creative Writing and has lectured in creative writing at various universities. Her novel When We Speak of Nothing was published by Cassava Republic Press in July 2017.