Review Elnathan’s #BOAT with Olumide Popoola September 2nd, 2017

“If we can’t imagine a better future, we can’t create it.”
Olumide Popoola

On September 2nd, 2017, Elnathan John met London-based Nigerian-German author Olumide Popoola for the second edition of Elnathan’s #BOAT. Her publications include essays, poetry, the novella “this is not about sadness” (Unrast, 2010), the play text “Also by Mail” (edition assemblage, 2013), the short collection “breach”, which she coauthored with Annie Holmes (Peirene Press, 2016), as well as recordings in collaboration with musicians. Olumide has a PhD in Creative Writing and has lectured in creative writing at various universities. Her novel “When We Speak of Nothing” was published by Cassava Republic Press in July 2017.
At Buchhandlung am Moritzplatz in Berlin Kreuzberg transsexual and transnational identities were discussed as well as the creation of characters and what it means to be a writer.


Live on air at Deutsche Welle “Der Tag” (DW, 31-08-2017)


Fotos: © Karla Kutzner

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